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2012 Gateway Medical Society Community Health Symposium

Gateway to Wellness:Our Healthy Journey

Registration Contact: Tamara Reese
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The Goal of the Symposium

African Americans are at higher risk for certain health issues. However, many of these problems can be prevented. Knowing your risks and learning new habits and behaviors can improve your health. The goal for this symposium is to provide the African-American community with information and resources to help them be healthy.

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Adult Program

Aging Wisely and Moving
Presented by Coleen Bortz
This workshop features the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program, a fun, energizing program that helps older adults take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity. Dress in comfortable clothes.

Cancer: No Longer a Dirty Word
Presented by Dr. Helen Analo (for women)
This workshop is designed to increase your awareness about cancer in women. We will also discuss how you can reduce your cancer risk by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Information will be given on how to tell which screening is right for your age and concerns.

Men Hold up Half of the Sky
Presented by Dr. Herbert C. Bazron
The Obediah Cole Foundation (for men)This workshop will focus on increasing your understanding of men’s health issues, the importance of getting specific screening tests for your stage of life, and managing health conditions you may already have. Continue to hold up half of the sky by making healthy lifestyle choices in all areas of your life.

Doctor, Can You Hear Me? Patient, Are You Listening?
Presented by Margaret S. Washington
This workshop focuses on the importance of good communication between you and your healthcare provider. Learn how your relationship with your provider and the way in which you communicate with each other can affect your health outcomes.

It Hurts Right There!
Presented by Dr. Tracy Wimbush
This workshop will focus on those unexplained aches and pains. It will also help with pain management and how to express your pain to your healthcare provider.

Understanding the Role ofAlternative Medicine
Presented by Dr. Wynne Brown
This workshop will give you understanding of complimentary alternative medicine in comparison to standard medical practices

Youth Program

Five Easy Ways to Eat HealthyEveryday
Presented by Atiya Abdelmalik-Johnson
This interactive workshop will provide you with the tools you need to make healthier food choices. You will see how much sugars and fats you take in when having certain foods. By engaging in a fun learning environment you will walk away with more knowledge about the importance of making healthier food choices.

Let the Music Move You!
Presented by Caitlin Smith
This workshop will have you moving to the music, doing Zumba (a Latin fitness and dance program) that is great fun for anyone and everyone. Check it out!

Hip Hop and Health
Presented by Center of Life
This workshop, presented by K.R.U.N.K. Movement will give you an insight on Hip Hop and your health. You will also hear about students who have done great things with music.

The Dirty Truth About Smoking
Moderator: Dr. Jan Madison
Panelists: Phase III students of Journey to Medicine
This panel discussion will focus on important facts you should be aware of if you smoke or live with someone who smokes legal or illegal substances. Many health problems develop very quickly in the young smoker and it is important for you to know how smoking can affect you now and long-term.

Date: 6/30/2012
Time: 8 am
Place: Herberman Conference Center
UPMC Shadyside Campus
5150 Centre Avenue - 2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15232


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